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Digital Communication


Digital Communication is the strategic project on which Cassa has been working for some years.

The main objective is to transform and facilitate communication, increase interactions and redesign services with a highly innovative approach, in line with the needs and requests of Associates.

Digital Communication ensures speed, accessibility, usability of information and services, ensuring full data security.


Cassa faces the social networks through the activation of the twitter and linkedin accounts considered to be the reference social media in the institutional and professional sphere. The use of these new communication channels with the relevant Members and Stakeholders is the first result of the Digital Communication project launched by Cassa.


The CNPADC News web-portal is  released. This we-portal is used to publish the preexisting  Newsletter "Professione & Previdenza Unite nella Crescita". The Newsletter is the means of communication and updating regarding the most topical social security issues and services of main interest for Associates, since December 2009.


The CNPADC real estate web-portal is released. Here it’s possible to consult the list of properties for rental, that are part of the real estate assets of Cassa, and to present an online notification of interest.



The new CNPADC institutional web-portal is  released. This web-portal is designed to be more personalised and user friendly and to allow easier access to individually relevant information and services.


The CNPADC institutional web-portal is released in English version. This web site version is dedicated to the international stakeholders to provide a subset of information about Cassa and its Mission.

... next future, mobility oriented, will be led by "Apps" for using services.